What is Wildfowling?

Often conducted in solitude, crouching behind some low cover, in a flooded dyke, in the midst of a howling gale sheltering from sheets of rain for hours, only to trudge home with a small if not non-existent bag; where’s the incentive you ask? Well it’s not a numbers game, that is for sure. Most, if not all wildfowlers shoot for the pot and not to see if they can out-shoot their neighbour – in any event what is the point of shooting more birds than you can comfortably carry the half mile or more back to the car, across several marshes?

Wildfowlers do it for the honesty of pitting their wits against wild ducks and geese, which lets face it have the option of flying anywhere they want rather than over wildfowlers' gun; wildfowlers do it for love of the wild and unspoiled landscape; they do it for the opportunity to see nature at its best, like at the break of dawn or in the flare of a sunset; they do it because they know they will see a greater variety wildlife (and get closer to it) in a single flight than a bird watcher or rambler will in a fortnight; they do it because they do not want to eat factory farmed meat.

Rockland Wildfowlers Association is a unique club, located within the Norfolk Broads in the Yare valley. It has the sole rights to shoot over Rockland Broad and it is the only Broad in the country where this occurs. The club also exercises shooting rights over hundreds of acres of Norfolk’s prime wildfowling marsh in the Yare and Waveney valleys.

As custodians of shooting on Rockland Broad, the club has always taken great pride in conservation and environmental restoration, regularly removing rubbish and tidying invasive scrub from unique habitat as appropriate throughout the year. We take responsible and sustainable shooting very seriously. And as such open most of our marshes no more than two days a week on a rotational basis to prevent over shooting; however due to the diversity and size of our marsh portfolio this never adversely affects the quality or opportunity for shooting and our growing membership is testament to that.

If you are still interested in wildfowling and would like to know more about Rockland Wildfowlers Association, or perhaps join us, please explore the site further and use the contact link above if you have any questions.

Videos taken by A Ward one morning on our marshes

Video on Punt gunning on Breydon and Rockland Broad


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